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Exclusive Opportunities for Young People

As EPIC is working with a range of partners including some of the Frenchgate retailers we have access to some exciting opportunities for you to learn new skills to taking part in new activities

So over the coming weeks if you are interested in part-time work keep an eye on our Recruitment and Job Page where we will let you know which of our retail partners at the Frenchgate are looking to fill vacancy. We will also be able to help and support you in developing your CV and preparing for that job interview.

We will also be offering a range of Workshops from how to start and develop your business to providing catch up teaching/learning classes to get you on track with your school work or help get you ready for those exams.

So Join the EPIC Hub Community - We can't wait to welcome you to the hundreds of other people in the community using their creativity for good.

Joining gives you access to free events, opportunities, meet ups, advice, open office, discounted merchandise, and our monthly mailer stuffed with opportunities.

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